Project-based learning in Korean as a foreign language:
Book trailer case study


Two people together choose and read a book according to their interests from the list ‘외국인을 위한 한국어 읽기’ published by 한국어읽기 연구회 then create a book trailer.


The purpose of this activity is to promote the book and entice viewers to read it. The book trailer is about 2 minutes in length and allows viewers to understand the main story while leaving some suspense about the conclusion.

Sample book trailers created by EAS410 students

1. 정지사진형: '제주도민이 들려주는 제주도 이야기' by Nancy Lu and Katie Bae

2. 애니메이션형: '동백꽃' by Lisa Liu and Ludan Zhang

3. 스토리전개형: '서울의 음식 골목' by Jennifer Kim and Joyce Woo

4. 스토리전개형: '추월색' by Rowena Li and Shamal Khattak